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Postural Restoration®

Postural Restoration is a comprehensive holistic approach that recognizes body asymmetry in both evaluation and the techniques given to address postural, movement, behavioral, and breathing patterns.

The way in which your body functions is in large part influenced by how you breathe. This is because there is an inherent asymmetry to how the respiratory is set up as well as a desire for system balance to be maintained.

Our diaphragm, the primary breathing muscle, is in fact to separate muscles; a left and a right. The right side is bigger and thicker and has better positioned attachments to act as a breathing muscle. This asymmetry leads to several predictable postural and movement patterns that impact how we breathe, sleep, think, move, train, and eat.

As we use repetitive daily tasks due to jobs, hobbies, sports, and household chores, our body begin to dominant overuse patterns. These patterns can limit your ability to move your body side to side which is needed for many systems of the body to function properly.

A program using Postural Restoration techniques will use the biochemistry, biomechanics, and cadence of breathing as well a very specific positioning to address body asymmetry and to maximize diaphragm function and chest wall flexibility.

Postural Dental Integration

Postural Dental integration uses Postural Restoration® principles along with dentistry to maximize the function of the airway as well as the positioning of the head, neck, jaws, as well as management position and tension throughout the body.

Dr Tom works with dentists to make very specific oral splints to help manage the way the teeth touch. Teeth are very sensitive to pressure and position that can cause the body to stay in a particular pattern if the lower jaw is not free to move.

Dr. Tom also uses myofunctional devices that assist in retraining nasal breathing, tongue function, lip seal, proper swallow, and more. These devices can be used along side orthodontics to guide the process.

Postural Dental Integration is most successful when done alongside a Postural Restoration program to address the whole body.

Integrative Dry Needling

Integrative dry needling is built upon the foundation of neurological dry needling and uses a small filiform acupuncture needle to address areas of tissue dysfunction, reduced blood flow, neurogenic inflammation, muscle guarding, pain, and more.

The treatment process uses peripheral nerve mapping to elevate the clinical applications to more than just needling muscles but addressing many types of neuromuscular and skeletal conditions locally, segmentally, and systemically.

Therapeutic Cupping

Cupping has been used for thousands of years as a method to promote tissue healing and muscle recovery and relaxation. There are different ways to apply the cups for a variety of different reasons depending on the area of need and the potential dysfunction of the tissue.

With the suction, blood is pulled to the service leaving behind a reddish welt that is from the rupture of small blood vessels. In response the this micro injury, the inflammatory process begins bringing in stem cells , blood, plasma, fluid, and proteins to the area to fight the invading injury and begin the healing process from within.

Cupping can be helpful for areas of increased muscle tension, back/neck pain, adhesions from scar tissue, improving blood flow, and can have significant improvements with tissue flexibility, pain thresholds, and range of motion.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

IASTM is a form of soft tissue work that uses different instruments to manipulate the tissue in way that the hands cannot but also allow the practitioner to feel tissue restriction through vibrations via the instrument. There are many different techniques and instruments that can be used.

This technique has been used for thousands of years in eastern culture just like cupping. It will often be called by different names like gua sha, scraping, coining, Graston Technique, and ASTYM. The instruments can be made of metal, plastics, precious stones, buffalo horn, actual coins, and more.

Dr Tom uses stainless steel instruments with double beveled edges with different shapes to allow for work on many different tissues but also to increase comfort with the technique for the client as well as provide good feedback

VO2 Max & Metabolic Analysis

Dr. Tom uses the PNOĒ metabolic analyzer and VO2 Max device. PNOĒ has been independently validated to deliver the same accuracy as clinical grade analyzers used by hospitals in measuring metabolic, heart, lung and cellular fitness, and provides the gold standard in nutrition and exercise personalization.

The PNOĒ AI scans 12 biomarkers in the breath and provide the complete health and performance assessment. During the assessment data is obtained from both a resting and active component to be able to see how your breathing is impacting your health, fitness, and metabolism. The data is then used to guide training and nutrition programs to maximize your body's performance.

Better Faster Stronger Science (BFSS)

BFSS is performance testing protocol using the latest in sports science technology. The protocol tests the key factors indicating the highest levels of performance including different aspects of strength, acceleration/speed, agility, and endurance. These are the factors of athletic performance that make the difference when skills are matched. Scoring well also shows physical resilience which is another important factor in high levels of performance all season long.

Upon completing the testing, athletes are delivered a professional report breaking down the results by category, why the specific test is done, what the results mean, and how to improve the scores through training. Athletes can also opt in to get access to the BFSS database that allows for the results to be compared against averages for elite performers of the same sport and age(s).

Having the test results and showing improvement can assist athletes in improving the overall performance, potential for athletic scholarship, making it to the next level, or just a way to dial in training to be their best.

The BFSS testing protocol is best done in small groups or sports teams to encourage healthy athletic competition.

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