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Breathe Better

The foundation for your body to perform at its best begins with how you breathe. Breathing touches all systems and functions of the bodies as every process require oxygen. Techniques are scaleable for the beginner to high performers. You will learn techniques to assist in improving the biochemistry, biomechanics, and cadence of proper breathing.

Sleep Better

Good quality sleep is the most important aspect of your recovery and growth. Each night good sleep allows your body to clean up the damage caused by your activities during the day; especially within the brain. Without good quality sleep performance in all areas of life with suffer.

Think Better

Your ability to focus, concentrate, and increase your attention span is required to be successful in most areas of life. Mental clarity will help you handle stress/anxiety, fear, and improve decision making. How and what you think and believe impacts our physical bodies.

Move Better

Ensuring good functional movement exists is important for the proper functional of all your body's systems. The ability for your body to alternate from side to side completely allows for proper management of body tension, pressures, and flow of fluids. Without alternation your body will use the same tensions and pressure to achieve a wide variety of task leasing to overuse, increased flight or fight activity, and the flow of fluids around the body can become occluded.

Eat Better

The food you put into your body is used directly to make the different parts of your body. Better quality the food equals better quality of the parts made. With all the fad diets and contradicting data its hard to make decisions on food and supplements. To eat better, you will learn how to choose foods that support your lifestyle and help you achieve your goals.

How I help?

Comprehensive health and wellness solutions to maximize your body's performance

1-on-1 Training

Individualized programs for you to breathe, sleep, think, move, train, and eat better! 1-on-1 can take you from pain to optimal performance.

Small Group Training

Do you have training partners? Whether you're in pain or looking to optimize your performance...come do it together!

Educational Workshops

For the community, privately for your team of trainers, or employees. Empowering you to take action and reach your potential!


Meet Dr. Tom

Dr. Tom Tardif is dedicated to the wellness of each and every person who walks through the door. Dr. Tom started his practice to provide comprehensive solutions to maximize the health and performance of his clients. Being healthy and fit is a multi-factorial issue which is why client's concerns are addressed from several different aspects of health to ensure long term success. Dr. Tom strives to identify the underlying root causes to the problem at hand rather than just addressing symptoms. When Dr. Tom isn't in the office helping clients, he's attending conferences, reading books, listening to podcasts, and working on his physical and mental capabilities to implement the most innovative practices and technologies to address his clients' needs.  

Dr. Tom loves spending time with his wife Alyssa, son Oliver, and daughter Noelle; experiencing all that the Alexandria Area has to offer especially being on the lakes! Dr. Tom also has two dogs and a cat!

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